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Published On: Thu, Mar 16th, 2017

Two Pit Bulls Mama and Oreo Are Finally Set Free From Their Chains

Mama and Oreo spent the majority of their lives being chained in their owner’s backyard. The pooches wagged their tails around humans, but still lived in conditions that are considered harmful to the well-being of any dog.

Aside from not being able to run freely, chained dogs can become aggressive, as we’ve seen from Jared, a pooch who was rescued after spending more than 10 years in such conditions.

Thankfully, the Coalition to Unchain Dogs stepped in to help their owner provide a better living for Mama and Oreo in North Carolina.

“Mama and Oreo belong to an elderly lady who rescued each of them when they were abandoned by her neighbors. She lives in one of the poorest areas of Durham and has little to no access to resources to care for them,” the organization says. “When Mama broke off from her tether in November, she was picked up by Animal Control. Instead of taking her to the shelter where the owner would have little chance of getting her back, the Animal Control Officer returned Mama to her and gave her my number.”

As you’ll see in the heartwarming video below, the organization built two big enclosures for Mama and Oreo so that they can run around as man’s best friend is supposed to. Through their unforgettable expressions, it’s clear how much the dogs loved their new surroundings.

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