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Published On: Sun, Apr 15th, 2018

Program Brings Kids And Bully Breed Dogs Together

CHICAGO, Illinois – Bully breeds can sometimes get a bad rep, especially around children. But there’s a new program underway in Chicago called “Don’t Bully Me or My Bully,” that’s debunking that stereotype.

A first of its kind in the city of Chicago, this is a fun and rewarding program for the kids and the dogs. It teaches children responsibility and it shines a positive light on bull dogs. It’s now underway in the Back of the Yards neighborhood.

The children are on their way to becoming junior dog handlers. The junior dog handling program is the brainchild of Hakim Brimah, who along with others in the close-knit bull dog community, saw a way children could benefit from a connection with the breed.

“It teaches them discipline because you’re dealing with a live animal, you have to take care of this animal, you have to train and feed this animal so it also brings responsibility into their life,” said Hakim Brimah with Don’t Bully Me or My Bully.

“They’re very affectionate dogs, just a companion dog, I have four around my kids, my family each and every day, so I trust them,” said Ernest Johnson with Don’t Bully Me or My Bully.

Fifteen children between the ages of 6 and 16 are enrolled in this free program. Sponsors and donations cover the cost of everything, from the handlers who train the kids, to the space, equipment and dogs themselves!

Not only are the students learning how to handle and show the dogs, they’re learning dog care, responsibility and what to do if a stranger approaches their dog.

Current sponsors include: Chicago Underground Bullies, Eminent Bully Kennels, Lou City Bullies, VBP, SSSerpents & Bullies, Toy Soldier Brand, Pawsitive Vibes Dog Training, Hard Time Bullies, Modelo Bullies, Maximum Bully & Solid Ground Bullyz.

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