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Published On: Fri, Jun 8th, 2018

Pit Bull Hero: Peanut Alerts Family To Danger

NORTH ROYALTON, Ohio – Heroes come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes in ways we would least expect.

A 6-month-old pit bull named Peanut not only saved his owner but quite possibly the neighbors, too.

Brian Maloney was awakened by Peanut, who was incessantly barking downstairs.

“I thought nothing of it because I thought he was just barking at the cat, but as the night went on he was barking more and more. Finally, around 6 a.m., I got up and as soon as I came out of the bedroom I got hit with a real strong odor of natural gas,” Brian said.

As he got closer to the kitchen, he could actually hear hissing coming from the stove. “So, I went and turned the knobs off and I had to get all the animals out of the house and open up all the windows.

It’s really hard to say how the stove got turned on. For the time being, one of the family’s other pets, a cat named Chance, is being blamed, but the truth is no one knows.

Peanut is a hero!

Out of all of their pets — and they have many including ducks, chickens, swans, and horses — Peanut is now by far their favorite after what he did!

Source: fox8.com

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