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Published On: Wed, Jan 9th, 2019

Pit Bull Fights For Its Life After Being Hit With Ax, Shot

JACKSON, Missouri – A pit bull is fighting for its life after it was found critically injured in Mississippi County, Missouri.

Rochelle Steffen, Mac’s Mission founder, gave an update on Bert on Tuesday, January 8.

She said Bert had surgery to close up the ax wound and is still fighting for his life. She said he’s doing well considering his critical injuries.

Steffen said she was first notified about Bert the dog after he was found.

“I got a call from my friend, Leslie, who I work with rescuing animals in this region,” Steffen said. “She said, ‘Hey, I got a dog for you. He’s in a lot of trouble.’”

Steffen said the dog, which was named Bert, was found somewhere between Bertrand and Charleston in Mississippi County. Steffen stated the pit bull was walking around with critical injuries to multiple parts of its body.

“I’m pretty certain this dog is Superman in dog form,” Steffens stated. “They found out with x-rays in St. Louis that he had been shot within the last couple of months which destroyed a whole part of his jaw. He healed from that for the most part, poorly but he had healed from that. Then somebody took a dead aim on his face with an ax and then he got whacked in the shoulder.”

Steffen stated that the two veterinarians both suggested to euthanize the dog considering the injuries it had. She added that she was extremely surprised that this dog has lived through this punishment and is still walking around.

“You can’t even fathom the damage that has been done, how deep and how it smells. His face is literally falling off,” Steffen described. “None of us can understand how he is walking and eating. And nice! He is a sweet dog.”

The pit bull was moving around and was eating enough to where Steffen felt he had a chance to survive. She wanted to make sure she did everything she could to save this dog’s life, regardless how many treatments and visits are needed.

“He’s going to have to have a whole bunch of surgeries,” Steffen stated. “His face is split so far that it’s entered the brain cavity. So he has to battle infections and battle the fact that there is no way to close that [wound]. So he has basically got to heal from the inside, out.”

Steffen stated she is thankful for the community and those that support their cause.

“The people that support us really, they jump off the cliff for us because they know that we’re going to go all in and we just need the funding for that. They are really amazing for pooling that together and even donating a dollar just adds up to where we have his whole bill covered.”

She also said she is hopeful that someone comes forward to authorities with information on how the pit bull was critically injured.

The Mississippi County Sheriff’s Department is investigating. Anyone with information should contact Captain Barry Morgan at 573-683-2111.

Bert continues to fight to recover from his gruesome injuries. Donations for his ongoing care are being collected at the Mac the pitbull Facebook page – click here.

Source: www.kfvs12.com

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