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Published On: Thu, Feb 14th, 2019

Pit Bull Escapes Home, Leads Police Back To Save Owner From Gas Leak

TUCKAHOE, New York – An 11-year-old pit bull is being hailed as a hero by police and her owner after she forced her way out of her home and alerted officers to a natural gas leak inside.

Dog owner Serena Costello says her 11-year-old pit bull Sadie is usually obedient when she’s left home alone.

“Never as long as I’ve had her – never tried to escape, leave, run out on her own,” Costello said.

So, it was extremely unusual when Costello got a phone call from police Wednesday afternoon that Sadie had gotten loose.

“My initial reaction was aggravated because she was a bad girl,” Costello said.

But as it turned out, Sadie wasn’t being a bad girl at all. The pit bull led officers back to her home where they made a scary discovery – a gas leak.

“Officers noticed a sliding glass rear door opened with an odor of natural gas emanating from the house,” said Lt. Lawrence Rotta with Tuckahoe Police. “The natural gas inside the house can accumulate to the point where if, God forbid, someone came home and turned on the light switch, there could be a potential explosion.”

Costello says Sadie first attempted to escape out the front door before she eventually made her way to the back. She believes the pit bull knew something was wrong that day and potentially saved her life.

“She came on over here and just dug away until she was able to slide this [door] open and nuzzle her way out,” she said. “She knows she saved the day, and she’s happy about it. She feels she did her job. She really is a hero.”

The gas leak has since been patched.

Source: www.14news.com

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