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Published On: Wed, May 9th, 2018

Pit Bull Dog Born Without Front Legs Makes His Family So Happy

This pittie doesn’t have front legs so he hops like a bunny — his mom and dad love him so much they got tattoos of him!!

When a brindle colored pit bull, named Cole, was born, no one imagined life would hand him an unfair hand of cards. You see, this lovable dog had a birth defect that left him without his front legs, but despite his disability the canine was full of life and love to give.Unfortunately his original owners abused him and didn’t think the special needs dog was worth living. At just 6 weeks of age, he was taken to Chicago Animal Care & Control (CACC) to be euthanized.

Fortunately for the pet, the day he was scheduled to be put down a rescue group stepped in to save him.

The animal rescue organization networked Cole and found him a loving foster home with Kimberly Boshold. Boshold fell in love with the pet and knew that she couldn’t just foster him. She decided to adopt him, love him, and help him rehabilitate so that he could have a better quality of life than what he had known before.

Cole is just another example that not all dogs require four legs to be happy, healthy and normal. Humans should not decide to end a dog’s life simply because the pet is missing a limb. Love, patience and dedication can conquer anything and help anyone break down barriers – including pets. Most importantly pit bulls like any other breed deserve second and third chances because they are also loving, gentle pets.

Special thanks to Cole’s rescuers at Players for Pits, NFP.

For more of Cole and his adventures, you can check him out…

On Facebook: Cole The Wonder Pup & Crew

Or Instagram: www.instagram.com/kimberlyboshold

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