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Published On: Mon, Dec 25th, 2017

Man Heartbroken After His Adopted Pit Bull Passed Away, Finds His Calling

A man named Jon Mancinetti lived in Los Angeles, California, by himself and didn’t have any family there, so he tended to feel rather lonely at times.

He also didn’t feel right being at his apartment and not having a dog there with him. That’s when he received a text from his friend. It was a picture of an adorable pit bull who was in need of a forever home.

Jon took one look at the picture and knew right away that the dog in the photo was his next dog. The dog, named Russell, was rescued from dogfighting, but despite his rough past, he was as friendly and sweet as can be!

Jon and Russell quickly became inseparable and formed a very special bond. Jon took Russell everywhere with him, including events where young kids could read to him.

Russell was out to prove that pit bulls just get a bad rap and that they aren’t all the vicious dog that people think they are. He made a great breed ambassador.

But then Russell got sick with cancer and sadly passed away. Jon was absolutely devastated to lose his furry best friend and didn’t think he’d ever find such a special dog again. But instead of moping around, Jon finally realized what he was meant to do in life.

He helped give Russell an amazing last couple of years, and he knew he could help do that for other dogs who were stuck in shelters. So, that’s exactly what he did.

Special thanks to Mancinetti Pictures for this awesome footage: For more of Jon and his foster pups, check them out on Instagram:

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