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Published On: Tue, Jun 5th, 2018

Loss and Found by Jon Mancinetti

Loss and Found is a short film by Jon Mancinetti. After getting beat up and losing his best friend, a young man discovers his purpose through saving the lives of rescue dogs.

“Loss and Found”; a true to life story with a comedic twist.

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From the creator, Jon Mancinetti

My name is Jon Mancinetti. I’m an award-winning filmmaker based out of Los Angeles. Last year, I had one of the worst weekends of my life. A girl I was dating tried to beat me up and destroyed my apartment. Two days later, I lost my best friend, my rescue dog, Russell Stover.

Through it all I stayed positive and eventually started saving more dogs from the shelter. This experience had such an impact on me that I’m making it into my next short film, “Loss and Found”; a true to life story with a comedic twist.

The film starts right after I lost my dog Russell and will show how devastated I was. Eventually, I decided to foster another dog who was hours away from being put to sleep at the shelter. Rescuing dogs changed my life and opened up a whole new world for me. The goal is to share this story in fun and entertaining way, while also creating awareness on these important issues surrounding rescue animals. Specifically, it focuses on shelter over-crowding, pit bull breed discrimination, fostering and adopting. Ultimately, audiences will see how saving dogs actually saved me!

Originally 5k was the minimum I was hoping for to get started, exceeding this goal will only enrich the film! The goal is to get this short film as much exposure as possible. Money will be crucial to enter it into numerous film festivals. In order for it to be accepted, it must be shot with a great camera package. Also, money for the cast, crew, props and makeup will be needed. Lastly, funds to pay editors, sound designers and visual effects artists.

I’m confident that with a solid budget, my team and I will produce an astounding final product. One of my specialties is making a shoestring budget look impressive on camera. Just imagine what can be done with your help funding this short film! This project promises to be inspiring and informative. Donate to “Loss and Found” and help make a meaningful film that will create a positive change in the world and save lives.

Source: www.mancinettipictures.com

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