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Published On: Thu, Jun 29th, 2017

Local Shelter In Vermont Takes Dogs Banned From Montreal

BURLINGTON, Vermont – Two dogs that got the boot from Montreal are now in Vermont looking for new homes.

Trinity and Big Daddy are the first dogs the Chittenden County Humane Society took in after the Canadian city passed a bill banning pit bull type dogs.

Trinity weighs more than 100 pounds and her friend, Big Daddy, weighs just under 90.

“They’re pretty funny, just, in general, very adorable with their size, I think,” said Devon Krusko, the Chittenden County Humane Society’s animal care director. “And their kind of squishy faces.”

But Krusko says that squishy face is part of the reason why they had to leave Montreal.

Montreal put a pit bull ban into effect after a woman was mauled to death in her backyard, although the breed of that dog has been questioned.

In 2016, Montreal’s mayor said 38 percent of dog bites came from pit bulls.

People in Montreal who already own that type of dog can keep it – just one- but they can’t get a new one.

Krusko says this legislation isn’t fair.

“We should instead be looking at dogs as individuals, so specific incidents of dogs that are dangerous, or have dangerous incidents, is what we should be looking at,” said Krusko. “And how we’re going to handle those dogs, instead of categorizing based on looks.”

Krusko says pit bull isn’t a breed in itself.

“It’s not actually a breed of dog. So what you’re looking at is dogs that are mixed breed; all different types of different dogs,” said Krusko. “You’re looking at characteristics – that’s subjective, so what may look like a blocky head to you, might not look at blocky to me, or broad shoulders, or different types of characteristics.”

She says experts have concluded bans like Montreal’s don’t actually prevent dog bites.

“We do have a responsibility, and we do agree with adopting out safe dogs to the community, and we absolutely support that, but we believe that should be based on the individual dogs, and not what they look like,” said Krusko.

For now, Trinity and Big Daddy are the only dogs from Montreal at the Humane Society of Chittenden County sniffing out a new home.

“I have gotten other requests to take even more, but that will just depend on what we’re able to do. So, right now, these are our first two and we’ll stick with them for now and then hopefully be able to help with more in the future,” said Krusko.

Krusko says she hopes they’ll set an example and encourage other shelters to sign up to partner with the Montreal SPCA.

Big Daddy does have some medical issues. He is fighting a skin infection and an ear infection, in part because his ears were cut. He also has hip dysplasia in his right hip.

Source: www.wcax.com

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