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Published On: Sun, Jan 28th, 2018

Libby, Montana Lifts Decades-Old “Pit Bull Ban”

LIBBY, Montana – Libby has lifted a long time “pit bull ban” after the City Council voted 5-to-1 against the breed specific law last week.

Libby Police Chief Scott Kessel said the ban was put in place in the mid-1990’s when the breed was believed to be aggressive.

“Originally, as we know it, it was bred for dog fighting, which is an illegal act (in and of itself,)” Kessel said. “But now, we’re not living in that time…the pit bull has entered the mainstream pet world,” Kessel said.

Now that the ban has been lifted, Kessel says Libby’s vicious dog ordinance is the blanket law when it comes to any type of dangerous pet in city limits. He is also hoping the lift will encourage Libby pit bull owners to get their pet licensed.

“What I’m hoping to see out of this is those people, who may have had pit bulls unlawfully within city limits, will now step forward and get them licensed,” Kessel added. “The purpose of our licensing program is rabies control.”

The spark for the vote to lift the ban came from Libby residents, who spoke out against breed specific legislation.


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