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Published On: Tue, Nov 28th, 2017

How The Pit Bull Ban Is Impacting Springfield-Area Realty

SPRINGFIELD, Missouri – Some people wanting to move to Springfield have chosen suburb cities, while some people living in Springfield are wanting out.

“I got a big influx of phone calls from potential buyers that were originally looking in Springfield but they were going to re-evaluate that because they either owned pit bulls or they did not like the purpose of the ban,” said Kellie Revoir.

Revoir says that almost a dozen people contacted her,- wanting to look for another place to live.

“Nixa was a big one, there’s no inventory in Nixa, so that was harder to find,” said Revoir. “Republic and Willard were the other two that were fairly large.”

And even some people who already lived in Springfield, wanted to move away due to the ban.

“It is a little bit harder for them to just get up and leave as it is buyers who can just choose where they want to go,” said Revoir.

But Revoir says there is more to think about than just the pit bull ban.

“it is hard for families, you have to pull them out of school, pull them out of school districts and put them in a new school district,” said Revoir. “It is not as simple as just hey lets go, it is a little bit bigger process than that.”

And if the ban is upheld, realtors expect even more calls from people trying to leave Springfield.

“I really feel that if it continues and that the ban does stay in place now it is a bigger issue and now we will have a lot of people contacting us,” said Revoir. “But because right now it is in the process of being reevaluated, then I think people are just waiting to see what happens.”

The next step in the pit bull ban is a public hearing this upcoming Monday, with a decision coming on December 11th.


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