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Published On: Wed, Nov 22nd, 2017

Homeless Pit Bull Becomes the Perfect Service Dog

When a motorcycle accident robbed him of his mobility 20 years ago, Matthew Smith was forced to leave his home everyday in a wheelchair. It destroyed his self-image, and anxiety plagued him for a long time as a result of the discomfort he experienced in public places.

Up until two years ago, there wasn’t much he could do about it.

Enter Jericho, Smith’s service dog, who helps his human get around and manage everyday tasks. He does exactly what a mobility service dog is trained to do and more, despite his being a bit untraditional in his profession.

Jericho is a graduate from the Animal Farm Foundation in New York, an organization dedicated to securing “equal treatment and opportunity for ‘pit bull’ dogs,” and is a full-fledged, certified service dog.

The exceptionally unique thing about the Animal Farm organization is that they only pull potential trainees from shelters, and only if they’re described as Pit Bulls or Pit Bull mixes. They choose dogs based on temperament, desire to work, and tolerance of basic care routines, like nail trims and teeth and ear cleanings, and only consider those who are “physically sound with good bone structure.”

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