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Published On: Sat, Apr 1st, 2017

Firefighters Reunited With 6 Pit Bulls They Saved From A House Fire

Sandusky County, Ohio – It seemed like any other night in Sandusky County, Ohio. Little did the community know that they were about to witness tragedy, followed by one of the most touching moments ever between man and animal.

Sandusky County Firefighters were suddenly called into action when a house fire broke out in a remote part of town. When they arrived as quickly as they could in their fire truck, they realized that they might already be too late — the house was almost completely burned down. Knowing that there might still be people trapped inside the house, these brave firefighters had no second thoughts as they plunged themselves into the fire.

They definitely didn’t expect what they saw next. There were six pit bulls in the house that all looked helpless. Although they were a bit traumatized, the firefighters were able to save all six of the pit bulls without any of them being significantly harmed.

You’re going to love the reaction of these pit bulls as they’re reunited with their rescuers several days after the fire. Although the owner of the house and these pit bulls now need a new home, at least she can sleep well at night knowing that there are firefighters in her community who will stop at nothing to keep her and her four-legged companions safe.


Source: NBC24 WNWO

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