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Published On: Mon, Mar 26th, 2018

Drug-Sniffing Pit Bull K9 Officer Joins Ward Police

WARD, Arkansas – The City of Ward has welcomed its second K9 to the force.

Canni, the 2-year-old drug sniffing pit bull, is worth $13,500 dollars, but the department got her for free through a grant.

Her handler, Officer Joey Sneed spent 2 weeks in San Antonio and worked with 20 other dogs to find who he was most compatible with.

Canni is certified to find 4 different kinds of drugs including meth, heroin, cocaine and ecstasy.

So far she’s been called out to several car searches.

The mayor says she’s an important addition to the city’s law enforcement.

“It will enhance our programs that we have on drug enforcement and give us some visibility so people will understand that it’s for real, and our mission is to eliminate whatever we can in drug problems,” says Art Brooke, Ward Mayor.

The city of Ward does have a vicious dog ordinance but it is not breed specific.

Now the community is helping raise money to buy the K9 a bulletproof vest.

They will soon train Canni on tracking to help in missing person cases.

Source: www.arkansasmatters.com

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