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Published On: Sat, Mar 10th, 2018

Dog Has New Home After Being Returned For Being ‘Too Nice’

FULTON COUNTY, Georgia – It turns out that many people actually want a dog that’s “too nice.”

LifeLine Animal Project shared photos of Helena and her story on Facebook in a post that thousands of people shared…

“Introducing… the sweetest, nicest, snuggliest dog in the ATL. Helena was recently returned to our Fulton County Animal Services location after her new owners said she was too nice and just wanted to be around them all the time,” the adoption organization wrote.

“This Velcro dog sounds just about perfect to us. And we know there’s a family out there waiting to spend their nights binge-watching Netflix and snuggling with this sweet velvet hippo.”

Many Facebook users criticized Helena’s initial owners as not deserving a pet, but LifeLine Animal Project confirmed to a commenter that there was a misunderstanding when Helena was initially adopted.

Her owners were in the market for an aggressive guard dog and misread the apparent Boxer and mixed breed’s personality.

Within days of the post, a family from Houston County came to Fulton Animals Services to meet Helena and take her home.

Hirsch said the family was a perfect match since they don’t have another dog and Helena could only be around certain types.

Hirsch said it’s obvious her new family will “spoil her rotten.”


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