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Published On: Fri, Feb 9th, 2018

Dog Who Couldn’t Stand Or Walk Just Wants To Be Loved

This dog was abandoned because she couldn’t walk — but she’s working hard to prove she’s just as lovable as any other dog.

Do you like swimming? Do you have a pool? If so, have we got the perfect swimming partner for you! Meet Starfish. Starfish is the oldest known dog to have swimmer’s syndrome and survive to be a year old. Swimmer’s Syndrome is a birth defect that is usually treated and recovered from as an infant pup.

In Starfish’s case it does not appear she was treated. Instead, at around 6 months old she was found in a box in a park. It was quickly discovered that she was suffering from advanced swimmer’s syndrome.

At this point, Starfish is able to hold herself up on her back legs and is able to move herself around with her back legs as the main support and then her front legs, while bound together, act as a “tripod” effect for her.

Through all of this Starfish’s personality and spirit has remained happy and loving. She is an absolute doll to snuggle with and if you love the way a train sounds, then you will laugh at her snorty snorts that occur throughout the day!

Starfish currently is living in a foster home that has introduced her to many things. She has lived with dogs, cats, infants, toddlers, rabbits, chinchillas, and pot belly pigs. Starfish does very well in her foster home with meeting new animals, but her foster family also is a very experienced family and knows how to manage her.

Starfish is looking for a forever home with no dogs and a parent who can help her with physical therapy; if you can provide the right home for, contact Austin Pets Alive. You can also sponsor her ongoing foster care.

Source: The Dodo

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