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Published On: Sat, Nov 25th, 2017

Couple’s Dog Evicted After Landlord Says Labrador Retriever Is Part Pit Bull

BALTIMORE, Maryland – A couple was forced to part with their dog because of the rental property’s banned breeds list. They initially had permission to live at the residence with their dog, but later they were told that the Labrador retriever mix looks like a pit bull and pit bulls are “aggressive and dangerous.”

Eleven-month-old Bacon is a high-energy, playful pup.

“He goes where we go, he follows us around everywhere. He’s our puppy,” said Samantha Doughty, Bacon’s owner.

Doughty and her husband adopted their Labrador retriever mix from a rescue organization. They were looking for a new place to live and made sure to find somewhere they could take Bacon.

They settled on Southwood Townhomes in Brooklyn, Md. The property is owned by Maryland Management Company. On their website, they advertise that their residences are pet-friendly.

“We had to fill-out a form that talks about the breed, the age, the weight of him, and give pictures. And we had to give all this to the leasing agent before we could even sign the lease,” said Doughty.

The pet addendum for Bacon was approved. The couple moved in, then several weeks later they got a call asking for more information on Bacon. That was followed by a visit from the property manager, and then a letter from the company’s attorney arrived in the mail.

“The letter showed up that said it’s a pit bull. Get out, or get him out,” said Doughty.

The couple’s understanding is that they have three options: remove the dog and keep their lease; keep the dog and risk being evicted; or leave with their dog, break their lease, and potentially pay a penalty.


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