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Published On: Mon, Apr 16th, 2018

Bull Sh!t – A Dogumentary

A documentary about Breed Specific Legislation in Ontario and Montreal and the individuals using their platforms to change the way we view these animals.

Bull Sh!t is an hour-long dogumentary about Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) targeting pit bulls in Ontario and Quebec, and how social media is playing its part in changing the way people view these pups. What is BSL you ask? Well, it’s a set of laws targeting a specific breed of dog in a region, and in this case it’s pit bulls. Of course, pit bulls aren’t a breed of dog at all! “Pit bull” is actually a broad term used to describe a whole bunch of dogs, typically characterized by their box heads. We don’t know about you, but we certainly don’t believe there’s any inherently bad dogs, and our hope is to make a documentary that shows the public the true nature of these dogs. So, how do we do that? Well, we’ve enlisted the help of some people doing amazing work in this area. Our subjects include MPP Cheri DiNovo, Montreal city councillor Sterling Downey, the parents of @calistathepitbull, and more! These incredible subjects are driven, knowledgeable, and so badass. This documentary will be educational, emotional, and absolutely adorable as it shows what small things can be done to make big change for animals that can’t speak for themselves. We’ll be highlighting the use of social media as a tool for social change and offering resources for people to use in their own lives to make tangible and meaningful change.

Stuck Productions is an all-female team who share a passion for animals and for documentaries. We have been hard at work on this concept for over a year, brainstorming, working deliriously into the early hours of the morning, and, yes, petting a whole lot of dogs. Let’s meet the team!

Natalie Goldfarb – Director and Producer: Bull Sh!t is Natalie’s brainchild, stemming from a night spent crying while looking at videos of pit bulls on Instagram (true story) and that’s pretty much all you need to know to about her. When she’s not re-reading Harry Potter, Natalie volunteers for Coveted Canines Rescue whom she manages social media for, or she can be found cuddled up with her dog Peanut.

Gwen Swinarton – Editor and Marketing Manager: You may know Gwen from her successful YouTube channel, or her enviable Instagram page, but perhaps she’s best known as one of the most passionate advocates for animals out there. With a bowl of vegan ice cream and her cat River by her side, there is no bringing Gwen down.

Olivia Nashmi – Audio Director: Don’t be fooled by the sweet smile on her face – Olivia is actually one of the most badass people out there. This motorcycle driving, Team Canada-representing dragon boater, is also an audio whiz whose strong paddling arms can hold up a boom pole for an impressive amount of time. And when she finds a second to breathe after doing all of that, Olivia can be found with her dogs Chase and Dash doing a good ol’ snooze.

Sylvie Urbanski – Production Manager: Fashion icon, Bringer of Snacks, and Queen are just a few of the titles given to Sylvie over the years. Sylvie has become well known as the woman so in love with her dog that it is rare to find one without the other – in fact, Wilson has a seat in every class Sylvie attends. This passion for animals is what attracted Sylvie to the project, and with Wilson by her side there’s no stopping her in the fight against BSL.

Rachel Swinden – Director of Photography: If you’re looking for Rachel, you’ll probably find her behind a lens in the great outdoors. From Australia to Israel, Germany to Vancouver, Rachel is a world traveller with a passion for photography and film, and, of course, animals. Her bunny, affectionately nicknamed Stinky, may not fit in at the dog park, but Rachel loves her all the same.

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