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Published On: Fri, Nov 10th, 2017

Boston Bully Breed – Pitbull Awareness Documentary

Whether you love Pit Bulls, hate them, or are indifferent, I hope you’ll take a moment to reflect on what they mean and why they matter.

The Pit Bull is more than a dog — he’s a symbol. One hundred years ago, he was a symbol of American pride and patriotism, appearing in World War I propaganda posters as the embodiment of fearless canine courage. He was a well-cared-for family dog and a trusted friend of children.

What a difference a century makes. Today, the Pit Bull is the most abused, exploited, and misunderstood dog in the world. Because he is misunderstood, he is also feared and loathed. Many people’s first reaction when they see a Pit Bull is to give him a wide berth. The Pit’s reversal of fortune could befall any dog (and, if you look at the history of the German Shepherd and Doberman, it already did).

Sadly, the media loves sensationalism, and stories about Pit Bulls who visit children in hospitals get little to no coverage — but stories about “dogs who attack” make headlines. Too many people automatically assume that if something goes wrong and a Pit Bull is in the vicinity, the dog is the one to blame. And that needs to change right now.

Source: Dante Luna
directed by dante luna

produced by Pitbull Serg
music by Pause
photographed by Flakoveli

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