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Published On: Mon, Jun 11th, 2018

Blind Dachshund & His Pit Bull Guide Dog Find Forever Home Together

RICHMOND, Virginia — A blind dachshund named O.J. and his pit bull sidekick, Dozer, stole the hearts of millions earlier this year.

CBS reports the unlikely duo were inseparable when they turned up at Richmond Animal Care and Control in Virginia. The two dogs were brought to RACC because their owner became homeless and could no longer take care of them.

O.J. lost his sight and has a habit of running into things. Blue Dozer, or just Dozer for short, operates like his guide dog.

The photo of the pair went viral in May and they were both adopted by someone who promised to keep them together. But just a few days later O.J. was placed in another shelter.

Peters brought O.J. back to RACC and convinced the adopter to return Dozer, too. The two dogs remained at RACC and their future was uncertain.

That was until last Friday, a Richmond family adopted O.J. and Dozer on Friday evening. The two dogs have been on a wild ride together, but now they have left animal control for their forever home.

From Richmond Animal Care and Control (RACC)

We are incredibly happy to share that OJ & Dozer were adopted together last night to a wonderful Richmond family! These dogs have taken us on a roller coaster ride of emotion and turmoil and yet remained steadfast in their love for each other and their ability to adapt and overcome vexing circumstances. We hope that their story helped showcase the work that we do at RACC and the commitment we have to each animal in our care. So many people (from across the world) have reached out to us in support and encouragement-thank you! While we are grateful that OJ & Dozer’s story ended happily, the reality is these two dogs make up a very tiny fraction of the animal population we serve and support each year. We save thousands of lives and help thousands of people without fanfare or any media coverage. For those of you that want to help us continue that work and have offered (multiple times) to make a donation for their care, we have started a fund in honor of OJ & Dozer through our Foundation. Gifts made to this fund will allow us to support emergency medical care, outreach in our community and will especially include interventions to help people keep their pets. We were unable to close the gaps and solve the issues facing their previous owner to enable a reunion; perhaps through this new fund we can help other people and the pets they love stay together. Thank you to everyone that shared this story, that loved these wonderful dogs from afar and for those of you that offered kindness in the face of indignation. We are forever grateful to you.

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