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Published On: Sun, Mar 11th, 2018

Bill Heads To Senate That Would End Dog Breed Discrimination

LANSING, Michigan – Senate Bill 741 sponsored by Sen. David Robertson, that would end dog breed discrimination, heads to the Senate floor.

The bill prohibits a local unit of government (a county, city, village or township) from enacting or enforcing an ordinance, policy, resolution, or rule that regulates a dog based upon the breed or perceived breed of the dog.

However, local governments would still be allowed to put ordinances or rules in place that put restrictions or other requirements on dogs or dog owners.

Chairman Sen. Rick Jones, (R-Grand Ledge) added the bills to the agenda at the meeting.

The bill was approved and now heads to the full Senate floor.

SB 741 is part of a larger package; SB 708 and 709 change court procedures around vicious and dangerous dogs. SB 710 clarifies what happens with dogs police officers find have been used for dog fighting.

The bills would still need to be passed by the Senate and the House and then signed by Governor Rick Snyder, to become law.

This act takes effect 90 days after the date it is enacted into law.


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