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Published On: Sat, Jun 15th, 2019

Amputee Veteran Returning From Afghanistan Greeted By Amputee Dog

NASHVILLE, Tennessee – An amputee veteran was greeted by a heroic amputee dog when he returned home from Afghanistan on Friday.

U.S. Army Sergeant Major Chris Self landed at Nashville International Airport this afternoon.

He was met by a big homecoming celebration, which included Franky, a dog that has undergone multiple surgeries and has had his ears amputated from a life of horrible neglect and abuse.

Franky has generated a large following since April 2019 when Montgomery County community members and more than 100,000 social media followers began rallying around the amputee dog.

Franky was found on the side of road with a horrific head injury. One family knew that they were the perfect match to help this dog.

A community member has been telling Sgt. Major Self about Franky’s situation and recovery while he is serving in Afghanistan.

Sgt. Major Self sustained gunshot wounds to both his legs in 2005 and had to have his right leg amputated to return to active duty in 2006.

The 27-year Army veteran is determined to adopt Franky, but didn’t know that the dog would be in attendance at his surprise homecoming arranged by family members.


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