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The Pit Bull Press - RIP My Kayden (2003-2017)

We are an organization dedicated to sharing positive “pit bull” news. We aim to inspire, educate, and uplift with every post. We carry a belief that mainstream media generally seems to focus on perpetuating stories that ultimately contribute to the negative stigma about pit bulls. We on the other hand, are a media company that is devoted to enriching and impacting the lives of “pit bull type dogs” and our readers in a more encouraging way. We choose to do this by highlighting positive and uplifting stories about pit bulls. We believe pit bulls are quite the polar opposite of their mainstream media portrayal and are extremely good-natured, friendly, affectionate, and tolerant dogs. There are many people for and against pit bulls for various reasons, but the controversy of whether they are inherently dangerous or not stems from negative stereotypes and generalizations prejudicially made about them.

Today, pit bulls are used in many positive ways that showcase their ability and natural born talents. They are used as police dogs, therapy dogs, search and rescue dogs, and most importantly loving family dogs. Regrettably, pit bulls still suffer from an endless exaggeration of myths and remain largely misunderstood, because of media inaccuracies that contribute to an ineffective and costly breed specific legislation (BSL). Thankfully, pit bulls are such a resilient breed and are able to overcome their exploitation and discrimination. They remain so endearing and compassionate, making them extraordinary animals that are not inherently dangerous and thus should not be unfairly banned anywhere. People need to look beyond their reputation, past the bad press, and into the heart of one of these beautiful dogs and remain unbiased. People need to recognize that banning pit bulls tears loving pets away from their families, and fails to stop other dangerous dogs.

The Pit Bull Press - RIP My Kayden (2003-2017)