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Published On: Wed, May 1st, 2019

90-Pound Dog Thwarts Home Intruder, Scares Him Right Into Cop’s Hands

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana — Bad guys, beware! it’s the Underdog of Fountain Square. On Tuesday, one pooch took it upon herself to save the day when a burglar busted into her owner’s home.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) said the man broke through the first-floor window of a home on Orange Street. Once inside he met Roxy, a large, 90-pound dog, and she was determined to thwart the crook.

“Super proud of her, tried to tell everyone I could,” said Roxy’s owner Donnie Massing. “I tried to brag about her as much as I can.”

Neighbors who saw the crime called 911 before hitting record on their phone. Police said the suspect ran upstairs to avoid the dog and tried to escape from a second-floor window.

“When he was trying to climb out of the window, he had one leg out of the window, and then I guess Roxy was trying to pull him back in the house,” Massing said.

The suspect eventually broke free, and is seen in video falling down two roofs while yelling, “There’s a big dog!” Police arrived as he hit the ground head first. Roxy’s owners are calling her a hero.
“It’s a big relief knowing that the guy got caught, and won’t be around here any particular time soon,” Massing said.

IMPD arrested the suspect after first responders treated him for head and hand injuries. We do not know if Roxy caused those injuries.

Source: fox59.com

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