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Published On: Tue, Feb 13th, 2018

16 Dogs Removed From Suspected Fighting Operation In Waverly

WAVERLY, Tennessee — Rescue workers and local officers removed 16 dogs and two cats Friday from a suspected dog fighting operation in Waverly, according to a release from Animal Rescue Corps.

A tip from a concerned citizen led to the rescue mission, called “Operation Out of the Ring.”

Rescuers found 16 dogs, mostly pit bulls and some German shepherds, all requiring medical attention, according to the release. They say none had access to food or fresh water. Some of the dogs were chained and others were in pens.

Rescuers say over 60 chemical barrels and makeshift shelters suggest more dogs had recently been moved off the property.

“Efforts are currently underway to locate and rescue the rest of the dogs moved off this property, and we and our law enforcement partners won’t give up,” ARC President Scotlund Haisley said in the release.

“Dog fighting is a felony, and we take this very seriously in our county,” Humphreys County Sheriff Chris Davis said in the release. “We will continue on this case until we bring everyone involved to justice.”

Anyone with information about this case is urged to call the Humphreys County Sheriff’s Office at 931-296-2301.

ARC safely removed all of the animals and is transporting them to an emergency shelter where they will provide daily care until custody of the animals is determined and they can be placed with partnering shelters and rescue groups around the country, the release states.

Each animal will receive full medical exams, vaccinations and any necessary treatments by a team of volunteer veterinarians starting Saturday, according to the release.

Learn more about this rescue and the rescue group at the Animal Rescue Corps Facebook page or their website, animalrescuecorps.org.

Source: www.wbbjtv.com

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