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Published On: Fri, Feb 8th, 2019

13-Year-Old Pitbull Badly Hurt During Sheridan Home Invasion

SHERIDAN, Arkansas — A teenage pit bull is recovering after being badly injured while fighting off a burglar at his Sheridan family’s home. The break-in happened Wednesday afternoon, Feb. 6 at David Lindsay’s home, which sits along Highway 270.

Lindsay and his wife said the crime is bizarre because it never happens in their neighborhood.

“It infuriates me that my dog is hurt especially how close we are,” said Lindsay.

Thursday, Feb. 7, Lindsay spent the day comforting his 13-year-old, 95-pound pit bull, Rambo.

“I hope Rambo got a good piece of him, I’ll put it that way,” said Lindsay.

Sometime around noon on Wednesday, Rambo was home alone when he suddenly came eye-to-eye with a stranger.

“Rambo knocked the gate down that keeps him in the room when we are gone,” said Lindsay.

According to the couple, the suspect came to a living room window, used a sharp object to push it open, cut the window screen and went inside.
Lindsay believes his dog met the burglar at the window.

And looking at Rambo’s wounds around his eyes and face, Lindsay said the intruder likely used the same sharp object to hurt his dog, while the family pet put up a fight.

“He’s protecting what’s his,” said Lindsay. “Just call him my hero because they didn’t take anything.”

Although the burglar left empty handed, the family is concerned for others in the community.

“I really just want as much exposure to get out so this doesn’t happen again especially to any of the neighbors,” he said.

Lindsay doesn’t have a clue who the person is that caused his dog so much pain, and with little evidence, he hopes someone who might know something will say something.

“By the time the rain and everything, we couldn’t even find fingerprints on the glass,” said Lindsay. “I’d love to find who did it for Rambo’s sake but also to make sure no one else is harmed or anything stolen.”

Rambo is expected to be okay, he’s taking medicine and healing from the attack. Anyone who may know something about this crime should contact the Grant County Sheriff’s Office.

Source: www.thv11.com

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