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Published On: Sun, May 28th, 2017

10wk Pitbull Puppy 3rd Training Session (sit/down/look/leave food)

Working on Sit/Down/Look/Stay/Leave Food.

Meet Sky a 10wk old pitbull puppy and join us for her 3rd training session.

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Check out training boundaries: http://youtu.be/oXfawdbGMR4?list=UU1RC_B3f6E_Y87QE7VoH8Ug

Check out Sky’s feeding time 5 months later: http://youtu.be/2h96v-kH0mE?list=PLQCT1jYjPkRotrn9zEqzfUazw950hrNvB

Check out Sky and Karma playing: http://youtu.be/ShXvOf_dZ2g

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