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Published On: Wed, Jun 12th, 2019

100 Dogs Recovered After Illegal Dog Fighting Rings Results In Multiple Arrests

GADSDEN COUNTY, Florida — 100 dogs have been recovered after a months-long investigation resulted in eight Gadsden County residents being charged with federal dogfighting offenses.

The United States Department of Justice announced on Tuesday that the following people have been arrested and charged:

Jermaine Terrell Hadley, 31, Quincy
Devar San Jacus Donaldson, 27, Quincy
Sariem Shanquell McMillan, 23, Quincy
Randell Lavel Colston, 47, Quincy
Bob Streets, 35, Quincy
Zanntayfey Yohoun Bennett, 35, Quincy
Dennis Lamar Howard, 45, Chattahoochee
Leonard Safford, 37, Gretna

Officials say the indictment and arrests resulted from an extensive investigation by the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF), a joint federal, state, and local cooperative, which targeted a drug trafficking organization that also allegedly organized and conducted a large-scale illegal dogfighting operation throughout the Northern District of Florida between 2014 through 2019.

During the operation, search warrants were executed on properties allegedly involved in training, housing, and conducting illegal dogfights. In all, approximately 100 dogs were recovered and seized. Following the seizure, the United States Marshals Service took custody of the animals.

The charged defendants face penalties up to five years imprisonment and fines up to $250,000, per count of conviction. The 8 people charged are facing a combined 83 charges.

On May 8, Hadley, Donaldson, McMillian, and Colston were also indicted on federal drug trafficking offenses for allegedly distributing methamphetamine, cocaine, and MDMA throughout the north, central, and panhandle of Florida between 2018 and 2019.

The Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office said they are sorry about the missing dogs but they do not have any forwarding information on the dogs other than following the seizure of the dogs during the drug and dog arrests, the United States Marshals Service took custody of all the animals and they are being held as evidence in the case in an undisclosed location.

GCSO said anyone seeking information regarding their missing dog and wondering if their dog may have been involved, to please be advised that the United States Marshall’s Service has that information.

Source: www.wtxl.com

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