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Published On: Sat, Jan 6th, 2018

This Man’s Bond With His Dog Helped Him Off The Streets

LONDON, England – This viral video about a once-homeless man and his dog is melting hearts around the world.

“He loves me unconditionally, I count my blessings every day.” Says Andy The loving bond this man has with his dog helped take him off the streets – and even saved his life.


In the viral clip, Andy Hutchins says he owes his life to his dog. Former heroin and crack addict of 15 years, in and out of prison, stealing to feed his habit and, in his own words “no good to anybody,” Andy bought Bailey from a street beggar as a four-week-old puppy, still blind, on the day in late 2011 when he left prison for the final time.

“I paid £12 for him and I haven’t touched heroin since,” says Andy. “He saves my life every day. I wake up… I think of drugs… but I walk my dog and ten minutes later my mindset’s changed.”

A dog can be a life-saving companion for members of the UK’s expanding homeless communities. Earlier this year, spotting an opportunity to fill a vital gap, Sam Joseph and Jade Statt launched StreetVet, the UK’s first non-profit to provide outreach services for homeless dogs.

Vets were an unaffordable luxury for Hutchins, “An X-ray is £36,” he says. “I keep thinking, ‘If I can’t feed him, do I have to give him up?'”

Today, a year since its founders met, StreetVet operates in six regular locations across London, with over 50 volunteers on their roster and 100 more primed for the service to roll out across the UK. “So many people want to do this,” says Statt. “We’ve all walked past a dog and thought, ‘I wish I could help them.’ All we do is make that easier.”


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