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Published On: Sat, Sep 30th, 2017

Saved From The Junkyard, This Pit Bull Is Now A Front Porch Princess

Chained inside a junkyard for years, this eight-year-old pit bull had lost her trust for humans. People called her “mean” and “gross,” but two roommates couldn’t watch her life be wasted on the wrong side of a chain link fence. They decided to rescue her, but helping a dog that has been neglected and mistreated for years is never simple.

On the first day outside of the junkyard, the roommates had to muzzle her while they tried to get her collar off. She was afraid to be touched, but the collar she’d been wearing for years was digging into her neck. When it was finally removed, it was caked in mud and blood and revealed a large wound that had been left to fester.

It took weeks to see improvement, but the dog’s rescuers refused to believe it when people said she couldn’t be saved. They were patient and kind, and more importantly, they didn’t give up.

After a month, the former junkyard dog finally felt safe enough to be pet. She was still uncomfortable inside, but she found solace in her new favorite spot on the front porch. With more time, she let her rescuers get closer and closer. Eventually, she was sitting in their laps and attacking them with kisses.

It wasn’t easy to help this junkyard dog find her way to becoming a front porch princess, but her story is proof that with love and patience, dogs can learn to trust again.

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