Published On: Mon, Oct 2nd, 2017

Reporter Covering Hurricane Irma Sees Stranded Dogs Needing Her Help

POLK COUNTY, Florida – On the day after Hurricane Irma hit Florida, WFLA reporter Melissa Marino and her videographer Jamie Cook were out in Polk County, an area in the central part of the state that was badly affected by the storm.

They’d gotten a little lost while driving around, which turned out to be fortuitous. By going down an unexpected road, they happened to hear some dogs crying. The desperate sound led them to five dogs who’d been left out through Irma.

Four dogs were in flooded kennels; a fifth was trapped on top of a picnic table. Marino and Cook set out to rescue them.

Marino spoke with neighbors who told her the dogs’ owners had evacuated before the storm. They said the dogs had been outside without food, water or shelter through it all.

The neighbors had fed the dogs and tried to remove them — but, they told Marino, had been unable to do so safely.

Thankfully, the dogs were taken to the local shelter. They are being held for their owners to reclaim, Horstman said — though as of Monday, that hasn’t happened.

Full story: The Dodo

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