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Published On: Wed, Jan 10th, 2018

Puppy Was Dumped Because He Was Born Different

Last month, in California, a man was out for a walk with his dog when he came across an unexpected sight. A puppy, dumped off to die because of some medical difficulties and deformities, was just sitting there on the side of the road. He wasn’t positive that the pup would make it, but he got the dog to help, and a life was saved.

The man took the dog to local animal control officers. The staff there began reaching out to rescues, but at first there wasn’t very much response. Then, they got a hold of Leslie Bird, founder and director of NorCal Bully Breed Rescue. As soon as she saw the puppy on a Facebook post, she dropped everything to help.

“We knew that we had to try. We had to give him a shot at life.”

Buggy may have a metric ton of issues, but interact with him for just a few minutes, and you can see that he’s a very happy puppy. Bird has shared his progress with Facebook, and not surprisingly, some people have words that are less than encouraging. However, there are many still pulling for the little guy, and Bird is just deleting the detractors and moving on.

To sponsor Buggy’s ongoing medical care, you can support NorCal Bully Breed Rescue: www.paypal.me/NBBR.

Follow them on Facebook for updates on his progress: www.facebook.com/norcalbullybreedrescue
Follow Buggy on Facebook: www.facebook.com/buggythebulldog

Source: The Dodo
Video by: Eli Ralston

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