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Published On: Fri, Aug 4th, 2017

Pit Bulls Are Being Taken From Their Families Because Of Stupid Laws

Dogs are being taken from their families — and it’s totally legal.

Imagine you were told you weren’t allowed to live somewhere or do something because had a specific “look” about you that some people didn’t like. Or maybe you look like someone who did something bad, even though you haven’t done anything bad yourself. Imagine someone who’s never met you decides that you’re a bad person and a danger to society. They won’t let you live in their neighborhoods or walk in their parks or streets. Is that acceptable?

It’s not acceptable, but it’s happening to dogs in our country and around the world. Breed-specific legislation (or BSL) targets specific breeds of dogs that are thought to be dangerous and makes ownership of these dogs illegal. This type of legislation might even mandate that shelter or stray dogs that fit a certain “look” be euthanized instead of placed in homes regardless of their background or temperament. Several cities and towns across the United States and Canada have adopted breed-specific measures, ranging from placing restrictions and requirements on dog owners to outright bans on owning any “pit bull-type” dogs.

To help put an end to breed specific legislation (BSL), you can sign this petition: thedo.do/endbsl

Source: The Dodo
Video by: Indiana Salome Merali

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