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Published On: Tue, Aug 8th, 2017

Pit Bulls Have A Bad Reputation — But They Shouldn’t

Pit bulls seem to always get a bad rap – Caitlyn Becker from The Huffington Post explains why they shouldn’t!

Pit bulls are probably the most feared dogs in the US because of their bad reputation that’s not true at all. If pit bulls are brought up the right way, they’re incredibly loyal and loving dogs.In fact, pit bulls are known for their lovingly protective and gentle ways even with young babies and toddlers.

The problem with these dogs is that they are very strong and they can be good fighters if they are brought up that way. Some people abuse this feature of pit bulls and train them to attack other dogs, even other people.

The sad thing is that they do it by hurting and torturing the dogs so they become defensive and aggressive in order to protect themselves.

The important thing is to raise awareness about the abuse of pit bulls so this breed can get the appreciation, care and love it deserves.

In this educational video, the HuffPost will squash many rumors about what actually is a very lovable breed.

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