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Published On: Wed, Dec 13th, 2017

Pit Bull Found With Missing Lip Gets the PERFECT Family

This pittie was sick and hurt when rescuers found him — but now he has a new family and the cutest sibling.

When rescuers found this Pit Bull, he was in really bad shape with half of his lip missing. He was taken in by Norfolk Animal Care Center, where the staff fell in love with him and his resilient spirit.

They took great care of him and helped him heal. But in the meantime, they shared his story on social media, which grabbed the attention of so many people.

Soon after, he found a forever home! He even got a new doggy sibling who only has three legs. The two of them get along great and love running around and playing together, especially on the beach.

His new family renamed him “Hippo,” and they’re making sure he has the best life ever. Hippo is so happy and is loving life in his new home. He loves his new family, but he’s also very grateful for the staff at Norfolk Animal Care Center who saved him and took such great care of him while he recovered.

To help give more dogs like Alfie Hippo a second chance, you can support the Norfolk Animal Care Center: thedo.do/norfolk.

Source: The Dodo

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