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Published On: Tue, Jan 31st, 2017

Pit Boss (2010-2013)

The Pit Bull Press - Media“Pit Boss,” follows the escapades of former actor Shorty Rossi, a little person with a big heart for pit bulls. Along with his friends Ronald, Ashley and Sebastian — also little people — Rossi runs Shorty’s Rescue, a rehab and training facility for the pit bulls they find abandoned on the streets in and around Los Angeles. Rossi also operates a talent management company for little people in Hollywood, and he uses his many contacts in the entertainment industry to help with his dog-saving cause.

Shorty Rossi, a talent manager of Shortywood Productions, developed a passion for pit bulls when he was a teenager. Because of this, he created “Shorty’s Rescue.” Its main purpose: to rescue and rehabilitate pit bulls, the most misunderstood breed of dogs in the Greater Los
Angeles area. Shorty enlisted the help of Sebastian, Ashley, and Ronald. Throughout the The Pit Bull Press - Mediaseries, Shorty and his crew overcome many perils while carrying out their rescue efforts. Shorty’s Rescue relies heavily on donations, so they host car washes, pet expos, etc., to raise money. In the season 6 finale, they return to see Shortywood has been destroyed.



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