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Published On: Sat, Dec 16th, 2017

Meanwhile In Montreal: City Suspends Pit Bull Ban

MONTREAL, Quebec – Projet Montréal announced Friday the ban on acquiring pit bull-type dogs and the requirements that people who already own such animals muzzle them and buy a special licence will be suspended while the issue is studied.

Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante responded that Perez was trying to sow fear by targeting one breed of dog. Montreal’s new laws will target all dangerous dogs, she said, ensuring the safety of all citizens without unfairly singling out one breed.

Projet Montréal’s spokesperson on animal issues, Craig Sauvé, rejected the Opposition’s accusation that his party was bowing to the will of vocal pressure groups, responding: “We are bowing to science, which shows very clearly that that behaviour of dogs is not intrinsically linked to race. … We are advancing to ensure improved safety for Montrealers.

“We are now a city that does not have breed-specific legislation. We are a city that will advance laws that will serve to pick up the pieces created by the last laws imposed.”

The changes will come into effect on Dec. 20.

Source: Montreal Gazette

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