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Published On: Tue, Oct 3rd, 2017

Little Girl’s Pack Of Rescue Dogs Save Her From A Large Black Bear

LONG VALLEY, New Jersey — Three-year-old Harper Wagner was playing in her New Jersey backyard this past week when a bear wandered into the yard. Her dogs intervened and saved her from any harm.

It was late evening when a locally-known black bear wandered in between Harper and her mother, Emily, who was sitting several feet away. They had been enjoying a warm, summer evening outside.

Suddenly, Harper screamed.

“I looked up and the bear was about 15 feet from her and walking right toward her. The bear was between us,” said Emily. Chief, one of the family’s four rescue dogs, also heard the scream and immediately ran toward Harper and the 400-pound bear.

“Chief heard her scream and immediately grabbed the bear’s back leg, at which point the bear turned and bit Chief’s face and leg.”

The bear was distracted long enough for Emily to grab her daughter and bring her inside the house to safety. That was when her three other rescues – Chloe, Mack and Idget, leapt into action to end the frightening situation.

“The other three chased him and he went into the woods over there and climbed a tree and he wandered off,” Emily said. When Harper was asked what happened she said, “A bear! Chief protected me.”


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