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Published On: Fri, Dec 1st, 2017

Guilty Dogs Know How To Get Out Of Trouble

A wagging tail cannot hide a guilty conscience. These guilty dogs are experts at getting out of trouble.

The two red-nosed pitties is a classic funny video and one of our favorites.

Pit bulls Missy and Laydie clearly adore their dad, Etienne Harris, and couldn’t be happier that he’s finally home – but today they are feeling a tad conflicted. Apparently, while Harris was out, the dogs had kept themselves entertained by playing a little too roughly with an article of his clothing. An innocent mistake, perhaps, but one they’re none too proud to have made.

Harris seems to take the offense with a grain of salt, sprinkling in some gentle ribbing along with his fatherly affection.

Credit: Creig Huffman, Anthony Pinkos & Etienne Harris via JukinVideo
Source: The Dodo

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