Published On: Thu, Aug 17th, 2017

Family Pit Bulls Kill Venomous Snake And Save Children In Yard

BRANDON, Florida – When a venomous snake slithered into a Florida yard where two young children were playing, the family dogs came to the rescue.

A pit bull named Slayer, and his partner Paco killed the snake. Both dogs were rushed to an emergency clinic with severe reactions to the snake bites.

The hospital determined they were bitten by a copperhead, a type of snake that’s rarely found in Florida. They were given anti-venom, but Slayer was bitten twice in the face, and is a lot of pain.

Paco was bitten in the elbow, and is already back home doing just fine.

“They don’t ask for anything – all they want is your love, so it’s very hard to see them in need, and not be able to do a whole lot for them,” says Melissa Butt, the grandmother of the children who were playing in the yard.

The organization “Frankie’s Friends” has started a fundraising site to help the family pay for emergency care costs.


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