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Published On: Wed, Nov 29th, 2017

A Man Nearly Beat A Dog To Death – Watch How This Officer Takes Action

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Dogs have forever been considered “man’s best friend.” Unfortunately, people sometimes treat them badly and this abusive tragedy was turned positive thanks to the Cleveland police.

At 2:30 AM Cleaveland police were called to the scene of an animal abuse case. A male was beating his pit bull in the middle of the street with a leather belt and striking him in the face with a brick. One of the witnesses convinced the abuser to hand over the dog.

The innocent creature was badly injured in the face, paws and legs. However, his spirits still seemed to be up. He willingly jumped into the officer’s patrol car and took a seat. His sweet demeanor was still there as well as trust for a kind human. The suspect was eventually caught and arrested on cruelty to animal charges.

The dog was taken to a local pet hospital and treated for his injuries. One of the officers decided to foster the pit bull. This breed has a harder time finding a new home in shelters, due to negative stereotypes often associated with them.

This story has a very happy ending, indeed. Officer Brandon Melbar who was on the terrible scene that day fell in love with the pit bull. He adopted the dog and they’ve bonded ever since! His new name is Harvard and he’s enjoying his new, happy life.

Every dog deserves a happy home filled with love and affection. Rescues and shelters are filled with dogs with stories just like this. Harvard was able to find his furever home and give hop to all animals looking for a second chance!

Source: faithtap.com

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